Implementing Employee Retention

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It’s not enough that you know how to hire employees. You also have to know how to keep them and to make sure they won’t leave the company. Having high turnovers and attrition rates of your employees will cost you both time and productivity.

You might think keeping your employees loyal to your company is a not-so-difficult job. Seems easy, but it’s not.

Here are some tactics on how you can implement employee retention.

Keep the employees satisfied.

You may feel in sync to your employees’ likes and dislikes, but it will still be hard to identify what makes them happy especially when their intentions are quite far from your own.

employee retentionYou can’t read minds; you won’t know what goes inside people’s heads unless they tell you. You might be ambitious and hardworking and motivated by a high salary package, but too bad, not everyone has the same thinking.

One strategy you can adapt is that of which they have this trial period when an evaluation will happen where they assess whether a new hire is a good fit for the company. This strategy works for the company; who knows, it will also work for you. You just have to remember that you shouldn’t expect a zero rate turnover; after all, you’re willing to conduct employee retention strategies to deserving performers, and gracefully go on separate ways with the staff who just don’t do well.

Talk to them.

Some companies – especially those large businesses – may not be able to conduct meetings with each and every employee to have them provide contributions and suggestions to make the company better. The higher management may not be able to discuss the employee’s needs and what he desires might escape your attention.

What you can perhaps do is to conduct group meetings with employees that have the same intent – to get suggestions and comments hoping to make the company better.

Provide a competitive benefits package.

To retain employees, it’s important that you provide life insurance, health insurance, and a plan for retirement savings. However, to make them stay further, you can give these employees perks such as telecommuting and flexi-time to show your concern in assisting them with their lives outside of the office.

A full-scale improvement program might be too big a tackle to handle for now, so what you can do instead is to recognize your staff’s efforts for a job well done. Internal recognition always gives employees a boost and motivates them. When they feel recognized, they become more satisfied and have less chances of leaving.

Recognition is not an item but an action. When you recognize an employee’s efforts, you don’t have to give expensive items; you just have to let everyone know of their achievements.

Use incentives and contests.

By having these motivators (incentives and contests), they’ll stay inspired and they’ll feel rewarded. If you do these factors right, your employees will be excited and focused regarding their jobs.

From time to time, you can conduct simple activities that aim to reward employees. You can set rewards afterwards – perhaps an iPod or a family dinner.

It’s also ideal to go for a team activity; by doing so, employees might be willing to participate; he understands that there might be someone is his team hoping to get the prize, and he wouldn’t want to let that person down.

Find your employees’ growth path.

You have to find the great ones’ growth path. The great ones are like seeds – you have to nurture their talent and let them grow. After all, their talent will help you; you’ll benefit from their growth.

You have to remember as well that no matter how ‘perfect’ an employee might seem, every job presented to him is still something to learn about. No job is too simple for an employer to give his staff an opportunity to learn and improve. Just give it some time, and the said employee will become one of the best in the soonest possible time.

Callaway: Top Golf Equipment Brand

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Different styles and designs of golf equipment and accessories are easily and widely available in the marketplace. Hence, choosing from the wide selections ranging from generic to brand names is quite overwhelming, especially for beginners who are having difficulties finding the right equipment for themselves. It is therefore suggested to narrow down the search by choosing to buy from trusted brands. It may be a bit more expensive compared to generics, but you’ll definitely get what you’ve paid for. One trusted brand to choose when buying golf equipment is Callaway Golf. Rockbottomgolf.com would be able to help you find the best deals on various golf equipment and accessories this company has to offer.

What is Callaway Golf?

It is a globally known sporting goods company that designs, manufactures, and markets its own golf products. It develops and produces world class quality golf clubs, golf balls, golf shoes and bags, golf accessories (hats and caps, watches, rangefinders, apparels). It also has subsidiaries like Odyssey, Top-Flite, Strata, and Ben Hogan that are also makers of golf equipment.

The company was founded by Ely Callaway Jr. He bought Hickory Sticks USA and became its President and CEO. He relocated the company to Carlsbad, California. Ely Callaway modified and further developed and improved the original Hickory Sticks golf clubs that were made of hickory shafts and steel core. Teaming up with science and technology experts, the company had its historical breakthrough when the Big Bertha Driver was designed and developed. Since then, the company continued its huge success creating more superior quality golf equipment.

Why is Callaway Golf a trusted brand?

Callaway GolfBoth amateurs and professionals now prefer to use Callaway sporting equipment. The trust and confidence of golf players was earned through hard work. The company spends millions and invests in years of scientific and technological research and study for each of their products. These products got through multiple stages of tests to find its perfection. The golf equipment is designed and developed with the needs of improving the game of each player in mind.

How are Callaway Products manufactured?

The golf equipment and golf accessories are manufactured by combining traditional and advanced technology. It makes use of high strength materials like carbon fiber, titanium and other components in their golf clubs. It makes use of state of the art computer technology to design high precision golf equipment.

Who used and endorsed Callaway?

Big and respected names in the world of golf believed in Callaway Golf products. To name a few, Callaway was endorsed by Seve Ballesteros Sota, A Spanish professional golfer who is considered a World’s No. 1 in the history of golf. Another name is Arnold Daniel Parker, who is considered as one of the greatest in the history of men’s professional golf. The company also has Annika Sorenstram who is considered as the one of the most successful female golfers in the world of golf. One famous celebrity who also endorsed Callaway sporting goods is Justin Timberlake. These are just some among the many big names who can attest to the quality of the company’s products.

After answering these basic questions, individuals who are thinking of buying their first set of golf equipment, should decide and choose to buy products from trusted brands instead of buying low cost generics. Cheap products are made of inferior and sub-standard materials, and fail to provide maximum benefits to the player. To find authentic and trusted brands like Callaway golf, go to rockbottomgolf.com. This site provides anything and everything that you need in playing golf and offers the best deals that you cannot find anywhere else online.

Boosting Your Business Online with Chat Service

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Every company wants to be well known to the public and to obtain a wide customer base. One of the key solutions in attaining this is to have an effective customer service department. Customer service comes in different forms. Visible to most people are employees behind help desks ready to be of service to customers. Other known types of customer service include voice or phone-based customer service and online chat service. With the latest advancements in technology, ways of providing customer service have become easier and more convenient for both client and employee. Oftentimes considered as the most effective type of customer service, chat service is highly recommended for most companies. There are numerous reasons as to why many businesses go for this option. Discussed in this article are a few reasons why.

chat serviceFirst of all, online chat support allows better work progress. Chat operators can multitask and handle a number of clients at one time, compared to voice customer service wherein clients are attended to one at a time. Operators are trained to juggle between 3-4 customers for complex service issues and can even handle up to 10 clients for simpler queries. Online chat support also provides clients with a shorter waiting time. No holds, transfers and delays are likely to occur since assistance can come instantly as it just a click away.

Another benefit of having an online chat service is the quality of service it provides. Advancements such as real-time monitoring of a visitor’s activity on the website can be viewed by the agent, which becomes a tool in providing better service to the client. Being able to see the client’s visited pages and viewing the current page they’re on allows the agent to pinpoint what kind of queries the client would most likely have. This also allows the agent to expound more on the services or products they have based on the client’s interest on them. Another good thing about chat software is that it allows file transfers of pictures or screenshots to support the conversation between client and agent and allow better understanding. This also enables the client’s problems and inquiries to be resolved quickly which significantly results to a reduced handling time for each client. The faster an agent solves a single customer’s problem, the quicker they get to accommodate more clients.

Customer satisfaction, a goal many companies would like to achieve, is said to be high with chat service. There is no mystery behind its high statistics as chat support services provide two of the most substantial things customers value: speed and effectiveness. Chatting, particularly in social media sites and cellphone applications, is usually done between friends and relatives. Online chat support, therefore, provides customers with an informal approach in reaching out to them and providing them with what they need, at no expense at all regardless if they were to avail the company’s services or not. This casual setting allows the customers to somehow feel emotionally involved and would most likely remember the experience. Loyal customers are formed in this process. Because of the ease and convenience of chat services, clients are encouraged to keep coming back to the company’s website for further clarifications they might have and other queries as well.

Lastly, online chat support is economical as it requires less resources compared to phone based services in call centers. Basically, all an online chat agent needs is a computer with internet connection to start working. This significantly decreases the company’s funds for employee training, maintenance and other resources. For businesses looking into enhancing their customer service, the best solution is to have a chat service operation in their company’s website. Beneficial in both ways for the customers and the company, watch as the company’s customer base flourishes with the remarkable outcomes provided by chat services.

Outsourcing Webmarketing versus Hiring an In-house Team

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You should use such Web marketing techniques as PPC (pay-per-click) marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, the use of ads, and several others to promote your website. This leads to an improvement in search engine ranking. You could hire an in-house team for the job or you could outsource it.

Web MarketingMost of the people who hire in-house Web marketing teams do so to save money, but the truth is that you actually save money with outsourcing. Hiring an in-house team means you have to pay salaries and other benefits, you have to pay for office space, and you have to pay administrative costs. You will pay more with an in-house team because you will even pay when no Web marketing is being done. When you outsource the service, you will get a guarantee whereby you only pay the full amount once you achieve the ranking that you were promised.

You will get professionalism when you outsource Web marketing. Your in-house team is likely to recycle old ideas – that is human nature. There is also a risk of complacency. You could outsource Web marketing to a far away city or even country to ensure that there is no risk of your marketing strategy being similar to that of your competitors. A professional will have the tools necessary for a good Web marketing campaign. This is indeed the best option if you do not have the money to buy updated Web marketing tools such as monitoring tools.

Unless you have the money, hiring an in-house team is not a good option because you will only have one or two people for the job. Continuous training is important in the industry given Google Panda and Penguin updates and you would have to cater for such training for your in-house team to be up to date. This is not a problem when you outsource the service. Web marketing services only hire the best and the experts keep up to date with the latest development to so that the company can remain competitive in a highly competitive industry.

You will get comprehensive service when you outsource Web marketing. You will get different Web marketing services as well as related services such as website and competitive analysis and on-site and off-site search engine optimization. With an in-house team, you will only get the services that the team is trained in, unless you want to, and have the capability to hire an office-full of experts.

You will get unparalleled convenience when you outsource the service. This is because you do not have to involve yourself in the Web marketing or in the management of the in-house team. This allows you to concentrate on running your business.